Hello! Thank you for your interest in TSC! We offer traditional debt collection services in a non traditional manner.

About Us

Located in Carlsbad, California, TSC Accounts Receivable Solutions is an innovative accounts receivable management and full service collection company. Founded in 1992, we have been providing our customers with value-added services for more than 22 years! Our products and services enable our customers to better manage their accounts receivable and be more successful.
TSC Accounts Receivable Solutions specializes in healthcare collections. However, we also collect commercial debt, property management, and day care, private schools, telecom, attorneys and judgment collections. We also have an attorney who handles civil litigation on our behalf.

Competitive Advantage

Being a smaller company enables us to be more responsive to our customers needs. When our customers call us, they speak with a decision maker, not layers of management. This efficiency enhances communication between TSC and its customers. Also, our telephone collectors are trained for the type of business they are collecting. This means that a collector working a healthcare account is specifically trained in healthcare collections. Our collectors can read a patient statement or explanation of benefits and understand why there is a balance due.


In addition to our industry specific expertise, we conduct our collection efforts in a manner that treats every consumer with dignity and respect. Our collectors have signed what we call the Collector’s Pledge. This is our commitment to treat each consumer with respect and dignity. We are making it our responsibility to help the consumer find a way to pay their debt and our further commitment to always conduct ourselves in a professional and ethical manner. We believe that this philosophy of respect is the right thing to do and will result in more accounts collected with fewer complaints.

Value Added Services

  • Online Access to our system
  • Professional collection letters that deliver results
  • Trained telephone collection specialists
  • Skip tracing services
  • Competitive contingency fee
  • Free Credit Reporting to Experian, Equifax and Transunion
  • Healthcare collection specialists
  • Self-pay healthcare billing
  • Pre-collection services
  • Ongoing training and compliance with State and Federal collection laws
  • Member ACA International
  • Member California Association of Collectors
  • Member California Employers Association
  • Member MGMA