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TSC Accounts Receivable uses a modern state-of-the-art collection software application called Collect Savvy. Collect Savvy was created by Ontario Systems, an industry leader in accounts receivable management and collection agency software. Our proven collection system has enabled our customers to better manage their delinquent accounts receivable and recover money that is owed them.

Our debt collection system is completely paperless, allowing our collectors to be more efficient while maintaining the highest standard of safeguards to protect your account information. Both our system and internal procedures are HIPAA compliant.

Our collectors are trained on proper and respectful debt collection techniques and compliance with state and federal collection laws is monitored and compliance is maintained. Every TSC collector must sign the American Collectors Association Collector’s Pledge. In addition, TSC collectors are trained for the specific type of business they are collecting, i.e. medical collectors handle medical debts and retail collectors handle retail debts. This improves results and allows for a higher level of satisfaction on the part of the debtor.

Our debt collection services include making telephone calls to the debtor, mailing collection notices and skip tracing. Our collection system enables TSC collectors to accept and immediately process payments via all major credit cards, as well as electronic checks.

As a self pay agency, our communications with debtors gives them the information they need in order to access their account online and make secure online payments to their account, without ever having to speak with a collector.

As a data furnisher to the credit bureaus, we also report collection accounts to the three major credit reporting agencies; Experian, Equifax and Trans Union. Our experience has shown that credit reporting increases our effectiveness and ultimately the recovery of unpaid accounts for our clients.

We are very flexible and work with our clients to develop the very best method possible for account referral. Many of our clients send accounts to us on paper or via facsimile. We encourage our clients to take advantage of several electronic means to submit their accounts for collections. This includes placing accounts for collections through Client Access Web, which is accessed through our web site. This is a very simple process and accounts are set-up immediately. Accounts can also be forwarded to us by electronic file through our FTP site, or sent via secure e-mail.

Whether you need a medical collection agency in Dallas or commercial debt collector in San Diego, we service our clients nationwide. Offering hassle free debt collections to a wide variety of industries.

To find out more about our collection services and how we can help you start collecting more money, please contact us today at 760-444-5526