Maintaining Positive Relationships While Pursuing Delinquent Balances

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  Tips on Maintaining Positive Relationships with Your Patients While Pursuing Delinquent Balances   Over the last decade we have all seen patients’ share of cost continuously increasing. As reported in the recent Kaiser Family Foundation/HRET survey of Employer Sponsored Health Benefits, the average out of pocket expense for a patient has risen a staggering [...]

MGMA Event Speaker

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Mike Sherman proudly presented "How to Create a Successful Collection Program" at MGMA Inland Empire, CA   Inland Empire MGMA Wednesday, May 16th, 2018 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm  Location: Fairfield Inn & Suites Marriott 3441 Hamner Avenue Norco, CA 92860 Join us for: How to Create a Successful Collection Program   Presented by: Mike Sherman [...]

Collection Agency’s Net Back

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  Your Collection Agency’s Net Back and How This Impacts your Business Unpaid debt can affect consumer prices, business performance and the overall financial foundation of many companies. A third-party collection agency is integral to the financial health of many businesses, no matter how big or small they may be.  But how do you know [...]

Best Collection Agency Practices

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  With Patient Payment Responsibility on the Rise... What is the Best Collection Agency Practices for Your Business? As we see trends and an increased need for first and third-party collection agencies in almost all sectors of business we continue to see the same stereotype for collection agencies that has been circulated online for 20 [...]

How to Respect Consumer Rights While Collecting Receivables

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When collecting receivables, it is imperative to respect consumer rights. If you don’t you risk alienating good customers or possibly risking a report to a federal agency for harassment or abuse. Respecting their consumer rights during debt collection is important in maintain good relationship with your customers and maintaining your businesses good reputation.   Double- [...]

6 Tips for Getting Your Clients to Pay Their Debt

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It doesn’t matter if your customer is someone you know personally and have a great relationship with or a new customer that you have no relationship with — you have not only an obligation, but a right to collect any money that is owed to your business. Collecting debt is never easy, however the key [...]

Collecting Medical Accounts Under Dodd-Frank

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Most physicians and other medical providers have heard of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, (FDCPA). Medical providers that use medical collection agencies know that their collection agency must comply with this law. When evaluating your collection agency, or choosing a new one, your collection agency must have a compliance management system in place. In [...]

Best Practices for Resolving Medical Accounts

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As more and more patients are having to pay more of their healthcare costs out of their own pocket, the need to have a fair, standard process for billing and collections was obvious. There was a clear need for a common-sense best practices approach to clarify the billing and collection process of medical debts. Through [...]

Ethical and Moral Debt Collections

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As a debt collector for more almost 30 years I understand the need for a collection process in a healthy accounts receivable management program. All businesses providing goods and services must get paid for their products and services. In today’s economy, collecting every dollar owed is crucial, hence the need for “collections”. Whether it’s the [...]

Free healthcare coverage . . . . . ?

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The many Americans that thought the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) would provide them with free healthcare are in for quite a surprise. Even though the new marketplace makes purchasing healthcare coverage more available and affordable for many Americans, especially those patients with pre-existing conditions, healthcare costs are far from free. According to, health [...]