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TSC Accounts Receivable Solutions is an innovative, nationwide accounts receivable management company and full service collection agency located in Carlsbad California. Our core belief is to provide value-added services to our customers that enable them to better manage their accounts receivable. By utilizing a professional third party collector, our customers can increase the money recovered from their delinquent accounts, reduce write-offs and improve their internal efficiency.

Being a small collection agency in California enables us to be more responsive to our customer’s needs. When our customers call us, they speak with the decision makers, not layers of management. This efficiency greatly enhances communication between TSC and its customers.

TSC is a contingency collection agency, meaning that we do not buy debt, but instead work for our clients on a contingency fee. The accounts we collect belong to our clients and we work on their behalf as a private contractor in an effort to collect these debts.

The predominate mix of business at TSC is healthcare related. As a medical collection agency TSC offers health care collection services nationwide. However, we also collect commercial debt, property management, day care, private schools, telecom, attorneys and judgement collections. We also have an attorney who handles civil litigation on our behalf.

As a family owned collection agency our mission is to provide a more positive approach to collections. We require that each of our employees sign a pledge that they believe every person has worth as an individual and that every person should be treated with dignity and respect. We require that all employees be professional and ethical and that our collectors make it their responsibility to help consumers find a way to pay their debts.

TSC makes every effort to operate in the most ethical manner possible. We are current and active members of the California Association of Collectors, ACA International, the California Employers Association of Collectors and Medical Group Management Association.