Pre-collection Services

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Our Pre-Collection Services gives our clients the ability to incorporate a letter campaign or telephone messaging campaign into their current billing process. Does your company need to collect debts in another city? With our accounts receivable program, we can reach debtors from San Diego to Dallas to New York.

If you use our Pre-Collection notices, we will work with you to develop a mailing program that consists of a 2 or 3 letter series of letters, mailed to your customers over a specific time period. Our Pre-Collection letters are designed to inform your customers that their account is past due and that they need to contact your office to resolve the delinquency.

After the letter series has run, any accounts that have not paid will automatically transfer into bad debt collections.

These methods of pre-collection notices are ideal for any industry, nationwide. Our collectors can get in touch with medical, healthcare, retail and many more debtors across the country.

Included with our Pre-Collection Services is the option for a custom telephone campaign.  Our team will work with you to develop a telephone program that will enable you to increase phone contact with your customers.  We can create a voice message campaign or we can assign telephone representatives to contact your customer to elicit payment.  If you are a healthcare provider we can even obtain updated insurance information, if appropriate, for your staff to rebill.  This program will enable you to enhance or supplement your internal staff.

To find out more about Pre-Collection Services, please contact us today at  760-444-5526.